2012 Work Ethic Unit 6/ 7 Milsom Place, Bath

Bath Spa University did a call out in January to devise a pop-up. They entitled the two week exhibition ‘Work Ethic’ It encouraged to bring together a group of artists from across disciplines that are engaged with ‘process’ as an integral part of their practice. Instead of an exhibition that presents a collection of finished works, the intention was to present a space in which the artists journey is made visible. With “making” as a central theme, the show explored the artists’ relationship to “work”. For the duration of the two-week exhibition the audience will be presented with a space filled with the sights and sounds of production. They will witness “process” live and in a constant state of change.

I designed the poster for the show

Placed was formed by looking through my camera’s viewfinder; in particular the circular target zone that is seen in the viewfinder as you take a photo. Here I have blown the repetitive pattern seen in the viewfinder out of proportion and placed it over an enlarged image of a passer-by that I shot within the vicinity of Milsom Place. To recreate the image on a larger-scale, I selected and photographed the necessary colours needed to rebuild the digital image from objects and people within this workspace. Once printed and processed, I wanted to show the public the physical act of cutting each pixilated area and bring the photo back into its analogue origins by sticking each colour onto the circular board.


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